Morning Star Stables in Tomah, WI 608-343-3605
Morning Star Stables
Michelle Rasmussen
20496 Hematite Avenue Tomah, WI 54660 ~ (608) 343-3605
Theme: Old West
Location: 20496 Hematite Ave, Tomah WI
Date: October 8, 2016
Time:  9-11 am Natural Horsemanship Clinic $25 fee
11:15 am Show begins $30 fee
Location: Morning Star Stables, Tomah WI

Clinic will cover basics of Natural Horsemanship on the ground and horseback to prepare you for the show.  We hope you
participate in the show, too!!
MUST PRE-REGISTER   BY Oct. 3, 2016 Include check made out to Michelle Rasmussen and include copy of negative Coggins
form with application.

Mail to: Michelle Rasmussen, 20496 Hematite Ave, Tomah WI  54660
The Horse Show Naturally gives you feedback in 5 areas: Fluidity, Creativity, Leadership, Willingness, and Communication.  This is
between you and your horse to enjoy!

On-Line Games 3 minute time limit.  Do what you can!
A.  You sit on a chair and back your horse through the barrels
then send your horse to the right on a circle at a walk, jog or lope,
B. Bring horse back through barrels to you
C. Back horse again through barrels and send to the left at walk,
jog or lope one circle,
D. Bring horse back through barrels to you,
E. Send horse to put a front foot in hula hoop and stop for 3 seconds.

On-Line game #2
A.        Send horse to tarp, stand for 5 seconds,
B.        Send horse over jump both ways
C.        Send horse to tarp and put tarp on horse
Riding Game #1- Flag race forward ending at cones.

Riding Game #2 –Double Weave, ending on bridge and stand on it for 7 seconds

Riding Game #3- Simon Says-Group Game
Musical Routines-can be planned and practiced or ad lib!  Time limit 3 minutes 20 seconds. -on-line, Casual Rein Freestyle or
Collected Finesse
Registration Form for horse show naturally 2016
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